Hatfield Town Council

Hatfield Town Council was one of the first Parish Towns ever created back in 1894, and its origins are right here in Old Hatfield.   Prior to that there was no such local democracy.  It is the most locally accessible and accountable tier of government and represents the needs and aspirations of the local electors.

Hatfield Memorial Gardens maintained by the
Hatfield Town Council gardeners

The council moved into the New Town area as it became more industrialised and took the title Town Council on 19th October 1988.

Hatfield Parish, one of the largest in Hertfordshire, now covers nearly 18 square miles from the Newgate Street in the South-East to Lemsford in the North-West.

Hatfield residents are represented by 15 Councillors (covering 6 Wards) each elected for a term of four years. The next elections are scheduled to take place in May 2015. Each year the Council elects from amongst its Members the Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor.


atfield Town Council is the largest of six Parish Councils and two Parish Meetings within the Welwyn Hatfield District of Hertfordshire.

Some of the current key services the Town Council provides are:-

Birchwood Leisure Centre Roe Hill Hall, Lemsford Village Hall and Newgate Street Village Hall Oxlease House Community Centre and Howe Dell Community Hall Football, Rugby and Cricket Pitches Children’s’ Play Areas (currently 12 with more being taken over from developers) Parks and Open Spaces, Playschemes during all school holidays.

Support for local groups through financial grants, production of local publications, including a newsletter four times a year and a town guide.

They also provide funding for the community police officers that patrol public areas as well as maintaining Hatfield's memorial gardens by the front gates of Hatfield House.

In addition, the Town Council's job is to provide a voice for Hatfield – they are regularly consulted on planning and other issues affecting Hatfield.


All the meetings are held in the Sportsman Room at the Council Offices, Birchwood Leisure Centre, Hatfield and normally start at 7.30 pm.

The full Council meets every 6-8 weeks, Planning Committee every four weeks and the Leisure and Policy and Resources Committees every 6-8 weeks. The various Sub-Committees and Working Parties meet as necessary.

Councillors for Old Hatfield

Cllr Mick Clark - 39 Chantry Lane, Hatfield - Tel: 262082
Cllr Linda Clark - 39 Chantry Lane, Hatfield - Tel: 262082
Cllr Caron Juggins- 44 Park Meadow, Hatfield. Tel: 276480

Hatfield Town Council community facilities

Allotments, Green Lanes
Birchwood Leisure Centre, Longmead, Hatfield
Lemsford Village Hall, Lemsford
Newgate Street Village Hall, Newgate Street Village
Oxlease House, Travellers Lane, Hatfield

Howe Dell Community Hall, The Runway, Hatfield

Recreation Grounds throughout the Parish.

Acacia Street Recreation and Play Area

Birchwood Playing Field, Longmead
Coppice Close Play Area

Coronation Gardens

De Havilland Grange and Meadow
Ellenbrook Playing Field and Play Area, Ellenbrook Lane
Lemsford Playing Field and Play area, Lemsford

Mulberry Mead Recreation and Play Area
Centenary Park and Millwards Recreation and Play Area, Travellers Lane
Newgate Street Playing Field and Play Area, Newgate Street Village Hall
Newstead Recreation and Play Area
Roe Hill Playing Field and Play Area, Briars Lane
St. Albans Road East Recreation and Play Area

The Dell

The Ryde

All children's play areas are fenced off and dog free areas

Contact Details 

Council Offices                                           
Birchwood Leisure Centre


Herts AL10 0AN


t:    01707 262023
e:   enquiries@hatfield-herts.gov.u

Welwyn Hatfield Borough County Council

Formed as a district council in April 1974 by merging the Welwyn Garden City urban district with the Hatfield and Welwyn rural districts.  It was granted borough status in 2006 which meant the towns could have a joint mayor.

The borough council now covers the two towns of Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield along with numerous smaller settlements from Woolmer Green in the north to Little Heath in the south.

As the second tier of local government for Old Hatfield the Borough council is responsible for:

  • Housing and Garages
  • Environment and Waste
  • Planning
  • Leisure (swimming pool / leisure centre)
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is headed by 48 elected councillors and Hatfield East, which is the home of Old Hatfield, has three councillors, who hold regular surgeries for their constituents.  They are:

Cllr Tony Kingsbury - 7 Blakes Way, Welwyn
07540 608844 - tony.kingsbury@welhat.gov.uk

Cllr Michael Long - 71 Lamb Close, Hatfield
01707 891973 michael.long@welhat.gov.uk

Cllr Bernard Sarson, 69 Selwyn Crescent, Hatfield
01707 266836 - bernard.sarson@welhat.gov.uk

Contact Details

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Council Offices
The Campus
Welwyn Garden City
Herts  AL8 6AE

01707 357000

 County Hall Hertford

Hertfordshire County Council 

Based in Hertford, the County Council is the only council with responsibility for services across the whole of the county and is the third tier of local government for Old Hatfield.

It works with central government and other local organisations to help improve and deliver a range of local services to more than a million people, who live, work and travel in the county.

Services such as local schools, libraries, support for elderly and vulnerable people and the roads and pavements are all provided by the county council.

The county council works closely with the Town and Borough council and other organisations such the National Health Service, the Police, the business community and voluntary organisations to ensure that we have all relevant services.

The council is run by elected local councillors who are voted in by residents to act on their behalf.

Subject to legislation enacted by Parliament, local councillors take the decisions on where money will be spent, what council taxes will be charged and how local services will be developed.

The County council councillor for Old Hatfield is:

Cll Clare Barry, 9 Daffodil Close, Hatfield
01707 259843 - clare.berry@hertscc.gov.uk

Contact Details

Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
Hertford SG13 8DQ

0300 123 4040

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