York House Meeting 8th November
Around 80 residents came to the first general meeting of the Old Hatfield Residents’ Association in York House at 8pm on 8th November. Thanks to all who gave time to this, and to Anthony Downs of Gascoyne Cecil Estates (GCE) for giving us use of York House and for the update on developments. There is a lot happening in Old Hatfield at the moment, and we will try to keep you informed by email and this website. Please pass on to neighbours without email anything you think might be relevant, and let us know of any local events or things you think the community should be aware of.

Developments in Old Hatfield: Anthony Downs
Information on developments around the Station, the A1000, and Salisbury Square is available at https://consult.hertsdirect.org/hatfieldstation/  though it is not reliably up to date. A further consultation including First Capital Connect(FCC) and Herts Highways as well as GCE is apparently planned for end November.
Questions were asked at the meeting about
•interim parking arrangements, which are the responsibility of FCC and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
•Signage, or possibly satnav, which lead HGVs into Old Hatfield by mistake
•The closure of part of Jacob’s Ladder, which is being discussed between WHBC and Herts CC, though GCE might be able to help.

Incinerator:   Lis Meyland-Smith and Jonathan Miller
Herts CC have as expected ignored all 6,300 objections and approved the incinerator, and a decision is to be taken on 16th November as to whether the plan is to be “called in” or subject to Judicial Review. It is rumoured that there will be an HAI meeting on Nov 28th in Jim McDonald Hall to present next steps.
•In response to a question it was made clear that the OHRA has not expressed a view on the incinerator: we would only feel able to express a view on anything if we had consulted the members in some way.

Neighbourhood Plan:  Chris Goward
The Government’s “localisation” initiative is encouraging the devolution of planning to lower levels: in our case from WHBC to Hatfield Town Council (HTC), or below. Grant Shapps, WHBC and HTC are all supportive if the development of a neighbourhood plan for Old Hatfield, which would describe how we see Old Hatfield a generation from now, and which would have to be considered by any developer. It would however involve a lot of work.
•A number of people expressed interest at the meeting in this idea by a show of hands. We will arrange a separate meeting to discuss the idea in 2013; please let us know if you are interested.
•In response to a question: Old Hatfield is defined (by WHBC) as the area to the East of the railway, South of the A414, and including Hatfield Park (but not The Ryde). 531 houses, 834 electors.

Other OHRA Matters:  Lottie Prescott,  Nan Mitchell and Andrew Starr
With winter on the way, we are reminded of the need for gritting in Old Hatfield. OHRA is attempting to get this done.
HTC are likely to give us a grant to put lights on the tree opposite the Eight Bells, and some form of Christmas celebration is planned. More on this to follow.
•WHBC is presenting their “Core Strategy” for consultation on November . It contains plans for the construction of 2000+ new houses around hatfield and WGC, many of them in the Green Belt.  http://www.welhat.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=4616

The OHRA is interested in promoting and communicating social events as well as development information. There is a small “Action Group” which meets about every 6 weeks: if you have time and would like to join us please get in touch.
We are especially keen – desparate even - to find someone to develop our website: if you are interested, or know of anyone who is, please let us know. 

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