There are two main Residents' associations for Old Hatfield: the Old Hatfield Community Forum (OHCF)  and the Old Hatfield Residents' Association. Several members of the OHRA are also on the OHCF, and there are significant areas of overlap. The major difference is perhaps that the OHRA is open to anyone, whereas OHCF members are selected.

de Havilland Community Group

The de Havilland Community Project serves Salisbury Village and Hatfield Garden Village. The project formally launched in May 2009 with the employment of a Community Development Worker. The priority has been to launch a Youth Club for teenagers, and establishing and then building on partnerships that would lead to community cohesion.

This community project is an ecumenical partnership between churches in Hatfield. This partnership started when churches discussed an adequate response to the new residential development that would replace the former aerospace site. It was decided that instead of building a church on the site, a community project that would focus its energy toward community cohesion would be a better option.

The result was that funding secured by the Methodist Church of Great Britain and the Church of England allowed the project to commence work for a five year period.

Current list of events and projects are designed to reach a wide base of community members. They are interested in serving the community first, this means that they are willing to launch any project that is suggested by members of the community, as long as these ideas receive support from local residents.

Welham Green and Brookmans Park have good informative websites, of which we are rather jealous. The OHCF website has had a recent facelift, and we are also rather envious of this. We understand that the Ryde Association website (below) is currently in limbo

The Ryde Association

The Ryde Residents Association was revitalised in May 2010 with a view to providing a forum for residents to express their concerns and preferences on various matters, including preservation of a safe and secure neighbourhood.  

Their website is meant to be a portal for exchange of information between all residents of the 'Ryde Area'.

 'The Ryde Area' is the residential estate demarcated by the three access points - T Junctions formed by The Ryde with the A1000, Lodge Drive with the A1000 and Mount Pleasant Lane with the A414, and bounded by the railway line to its West, the A1000 to its East, the A414 to its North .


Roe Green and Ellenbrook Resident Associations have no website as far as we are aware.


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