Old Hatfield Resident Association Mission Statement

The Old Hatfield Residents Association (OHRA) aims to encourage community spirit and empower residents to enjoy and improve the local area in which we live.

Our objectives are to:

  • Communicate news and information that impacts Old Hatfield

  • Engage residents of all ages

  • Work on behalf of residents with with all councils and councillors (including local MP) representing Old Hatfield as well as organisations such as NHW, Police, local business', Hatfield House and the OHCF

  • Support and organise voluntary and community activities as well as looking out for the most vulnerable residents

  • Provide information for visitors to Old Hatfield via our website

The Residents' Action Group

The RAG, which is the "doing" arm of the  OHRA,  includes: Andrew Starr (chair), Nan Mitchell (minutes), Chris Goward (postman), Simon & Lottie Prescott (founders), Constance Elliott, Steve Roberts, Stella Marshall, Lis Meyland-Smith and John Penney

Picture below: Salisbury Square 1970-2015?

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